Welcome to the Brent Council Budget Simulator

Welcome to Brent Council's Budget Simulator 2014/15. We would like your help in developing our budget priorities for 2014/15 and beyond.
Like all councils Brent has experienced a reduction in the amount of funding that it receives from central government and needs to make difficult choices about how to spend council money on local services in the future.

In Brent we want more people to have a say in how public funds are spent and understand which services are most important to you. For 2014/15, with costs increasing and more people needing services we need to make savings of £20m or increase council tax. However council tax rises are restricted by Central Government to less than 2%. Any rise in council tax above this level would require a local referendum which could cost £100k.

This simulator will allow you to find out about the services the council provides and how much they cost each year. You can then decide how you would allocate the money across the departments and services. You can increase, decrease or make no change to the money spent on each service. However if you decide to raise spending in too many areas, or do not make the necessary savings, you will be warned that you will have to put council tax up to do it!

The consultation covers our day to day running costs and not capital investment. The council needs to make savings of £20m on our revenue budget of £250m. Try to change your spending to come in on budget.

To be entered into a prize draw for vouchers worth £50, please complete the simulator and opt into our mailing list at the end. Anyone who has already completed the simulator and opted into the mailing list will automatically be entered into the draw.

Consultation closes on 31 January. Winners will be contacted in early February.

Please take a few minutes to go through this budget simulator, and have your say!