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Budget Simulator helped residents understand how challenging it is for the Council to manage the deficit and the difficult decisions that need to be made to balance the books.

Carla Seabury, Insight and Consultation Manager, London Borough of Waltham Forest, UK
  • Provides engaging budget consultation

    Citizens find the process easy and valuable.

  • Collects meaningful and insightful responses

    Encourages deliberation and considered responses. Demographic questions add rigour.

  • Responsive design for the devices people use

    Citizens can take part using computers, smartphones and tablets.

  • Choose your configuration

    Pick from dozens of possible setups to best reflect the choices you want people to consider.

  • Trusted by government around the world

    Used by more than 95 organisations in 7 countries.
    Can be translated to your language and your currency.

Used to consult on more than £60bn of budgets

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Using Budget Simulator...we opened the biggest budget conversation the city has seen.
Residents have come forward and offered constructive suggestions for what
they would like to see in the budget, and we’ve taken those into account.

Bill Randall, Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council

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