Budget Simulator engages citizens with your
budget and inspires insightful responses

See why customers love it

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool

"This online tool simulates the difficult decisions that we will have to make...it gives us valuable feedback on what people see as the priorities for spending
over the next year"

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, UK

Citizens need budget consultation to be
engaging, meaningful and convenient

Budget Simulator delivers.

You need a tool that is easy to use
and can be configured for your budget

Budget Simulator is built for your needs.

Tailored to your needs

There's a version of Budget Simulator to suit every situation.
Choose which edition is right for you, then fine-tune it
to reflect the choices under consideration.

Total budget

screenshot of a total budget edition of Budget Simulator

Users are presented with your total budget; they adjust spending in key areas until they’re happy with the overall balance of allocations.

Great for visualising your organisation’s spending, showing the scale of a budget challenge and giving people
‘the big picture’.

Personal bill/rates

screenshot of a personal bill edition of Budget Simulator

Users are shown a budget expressed as a personalised bill or tax rate – tailored to their situation. They adjust spending and see how these changes will directly affect their payments.

Great for helping people to understand the effect of choices on their own pocket.

Points allocation

screenshot of a points allocation edition of Budget Simulator

Perhaps you want to understand people’s priorities in a way that doesn’t directly correspond to a financial figure. In this version, users are given a number of abstract points, which they can assign to their preferred areas.

Great for exploring the trade-offs between any set of options – budgetary
or otherwise.

icon of stick figures waving flags from a bus

What citizens say about Budget Simulator

"This is a great idea. I found it so difficult. I couldn't make the cuts required."

"This gives an idea of the difficult choices ahead. Recommend that everyone gives this a try."

"Very hard task and one I don't envy the people who have to do this for real."

"The council needs to digitise as many services as possible."

We'll help to make your consultation a success

Working with more than 95 clients since 2004, we've built up a base of knowledge
we'll share with you. And we have expert staff on hand if you ever get stuck.

person using computer to access knowledge base

Online Support

Access to online support, sharing insight gleaned over years helping customers run engaging consultations.

  • Online Knowledge Base offers a library of support articles.
  • Customer support will answer your email query within hours.
  • 'Success Guide' to help you run an engaging consultation.
Delib account manager talking on phone

Dedicated Account Management

An account manager will provide proactive support from deployment through to analysis.

  • Full product training - at your desk via screen share.
  • Guidance in consultation & engagement best practise.
  • Mid-project review to assess progress & opportunities.
Ann Tansley Thomas,  Senior Consultation Officer, Norfolk County Council, UK

"Budget Simulator was the perfect solution. Not only was it quick and easy for residents to take part in, it was also quick and easy for us to set up...thanks to the excellent support from Delib."

Anne Tansley Thomas, Senior Consultation Officer, Norfolk County Council, UK

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